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Updating Neato Vacuums from Windows 8

The Neato Robtics recently released a firmware update for their vacuums. This update brings some enhancements to their already great device and owners should install it when they have the opportunity. There is a problem with this update though, it does not support Windows 8! While Win8 is the newest OS from Microsoft, it has […]

Surface Pro and S7S Side by Side (Updated)

Since November 2011, I’ve been using a Samsung Series 7 Slate (S7S) as my personal mobile machine. It’s a great computer and to this day I have no complaints about it. When Microsoft announced Surface Pro, it was the first machine to capture my interest enough to possibly move away from the S7S. I picked […]

CS:GO on Surface Pro

Just a quick video showing the power of Surface Pro. A side by side write up between it and the Series 7 Slate is on the way.

We’re Here!

This is something we’ve talked about doing for a long time and it’s finally time to get things rolling! Check out our About page to learn about us. There’s more content coming, use the Follow Us button on the bottom right to get emails directly in your inbox when the site changes, or, Follow Us […]