Updating Neato Vacuums from Windows 8

The Neato Robtics recently released a firmware update for their vacuums. This update brings some enhancements to their already great device and owners should install it when they have the opportunity.

There is a problem with this update though, it does not support Windows 8! While Win8 is the newest OS from Microsoft, it has been around long enough now where this type of issue should be a thing of the past. Since it is not, those of us who happen to have both a Neato Vacuum and Windows 8 PCs are unable to update the vacuum using the method detailed by Neato.

There is, however, a workaround which requires no technical skill. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be able to get your machine updated just like everyone else on the legacy operating systems!

1-      On your PC, expand the Charms menu and select “Settings”

2-      At the bottom, select “Change PC Settings”

3-      Select General

4-      At the bottom, select “Restart Now” under “Advanced startup” (your computer will restart)

5-      Select Troubleshoot

6-      Select Advanced Options

7-      Select Startup settings

8-      Select Restart

9-      Type “7” for “Disable driver signature enforcement” (your computer will restart)

10-   Go to the Neato Robotics Support page and select “Install Neato Updater Tool” http://www.neatorobotics.com/support/software-updates/

11-   When the installer runs, Windows Security will warn of the unsigned driver:


12-   Select “Install this driver software anyway”.

13-   The install completes:



One comment

  1. This is the answer I needed. My laptop could not take another “attempt” after wading through so many failures. Most of us Are running 8.1. Thanks!

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