About Surface Pro Battery Life

People have had a lot to say about battery life on Surface Pro, mostly negative because it’s “only” rated to last 4 hours. I took mine to work and went through my normal day today.

Before going to the office, I configured the power options in the same way I had my old Samsung Series 7 Slate set up:

Create a custom power plan based on the Power Saver plan

  • Disable the adaptive brightness and set screen brightness to 30%
  • Set the Wireless Power Adapter to Max Power Saving
  • Set the display to turn off in 5 min and sleep to 15

With this plan saved and applied, I also turn on Airplane Mode since we don’t have wireless in the office. I attended meetings where I use OneNote relentlessly. Sitting at my desk, I reference the notes that I took during the meetings. When commuting between locations, I read a couple of pages from a book I have saved in Kindle. For a few minutes close to the end of the day I did turn on the wireless adapter while visiting a different office to establish a remote connection. Also, being that it’s something new, it was constantly on and off as various people wanted to check it out. I pulled it off the charger this morning around 7:30- it’s now 5:51 and I’ve got 53% battery remaining. So, as with anything your use case will vary but the battery is no issue for me!


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